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The introduction of wear-resistant

The wear-resistant tube lined with ceramic tile is made of steel tube and ceramic tiles. The inner lining is sticked with wear-resistant ceramic glue, or used the manufacturing process of conical pad welding, interlocking and bonding, which enhances the connection strength of the base body and the ceramic sheet. The ceramic tube with wear-resistant tile is firm, dense, flat and smooth.


Wear-resistant ceramic tiles are generally used in pneumatic (hydraulic) conveying systems,such as boiler powder feeding or ash removal pipes, which provide better improvement to solve the frequent wear and leakage of powdered coal or bottom ash. So it has satisfied results when using in various thermal power plants, steel plants, and cement plants. According to statistics, the average wear of the wear-resistant layer of the ceramic wear-resistant pipe is only 0.2~0.3mm/year. If the wear-resistant ceramic with a thickness of 10mm is pasted, the life of the pipe is ten times that of the ordinary steel pipe.


The wear resistance of the ceramic is equivalent to 260 times of manganese steel and 170 times of chrome steel. Its Mohs’ hardness is more than 9.0. It has the characteristics of compact, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.


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