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The influence of raw material powder on the factors affecting the use of wear-resistant ceramic tiles

There are many factors that affect the use of wear-resistant ceramic tiles. Today, we mainly introduce the influence of raw material powder.


The main raw material of wear-resistant ceramics is high-purity AI2O3 powder.Its performance and content have a great influence on alumina ceramics. Ceramic powders inevitably introduce impurities during the preparation process. Organic impurities are burned out during the firing process, and irregular pores are formed during the densification process; and inorganic impurities may react with the ceramic powder at high temperature or Micro-cracks remain in the matrix. These defects in the micro-structure caused by impurities have a significant effect on the alumina ceramics. Therefore, the use of high-purity AI2O3 powder is an important condition for the preparation of alumina ceramics with excellent performance.


A typical wear-resistant ceramic production is based on industrial sintered alumina powder purified through multiple processes as raw materials. According to product requirements, the powder is mixed according to a certain formula, and then made by forming and sintering. The wear-resistant ceramics made through this way have extremely good properties, but due to the long process, the production cost is high.


In order to save costs, minerals are also directly used as the main raw materials on the market, and a small amount of sintered alumina is added. Some people even use recycled alumina ceramic waste as the main ingredient. These alumina ceramics that have formed the ɑ phase and the surrounding molecules cannot form an organic combination, and the compactness and wear resistance are greatly reduced. This is one of the main reasons why the price difference of wear-resistant ceramic tiles on the market is huge.


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