How to choose the appropriate wear-resistant tiles to use?

The following is a detailed introduction on how to choose the right wear resistant tiles.


First, from the view of hardness to see

Wear-resistant ceramic tiles are mainly used in various mechanical equipment in the factory, and the ceramic tiles used in different mechanical equipment are also different. Choosing the appropriate ceramic tiles from the aspect of hardness mainly depends on where to put it in the mechanical equipment. For example,for the cutting machine, the closer to the workpiece, the harder the wear-resistant ceramic tiles needs to be. If it is in the middle or tail of the mechanical equipment, the hardness of the ceramic tile is slightly lower.


Second, from the perspective of the firmness and heat resistance of the ceramic tiles to see


Wear resistant tiles can also be used in engineering equipment such as steel smelting. Used in these types of machinery factory equipments, the requirements for heat resistance and robustness are very high. Because these mechanical equipments often work in a high-temperature environment.If a component of the mechanical equipment is not heat-resistant, there is no guarantee for life safety during use, and the service life of the mechanical equipment will also be shortened.

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