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How To Measure Alumina Hardness?

Hardness is an important index of the performance of wear-resistant ceramics. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness is, the better the wear resistance is. Wear resistant ceramic materials have complicated structure, hard and brittle, Instead of the suitability of hardness and Rockwell hardness,all of these are measured by the hardness of the ceramic surface pressure.

Alumina wear-resistant ceramics are made of high precision materials, known as precision ceramics, special ceramics or high-tech ceramics. Alumina ceramic is a kind of precise control of composition and properties of different ceramic.Compared with ordinary wear resistant ceramics, alumina wear-resistant ceramics are very different in the process of synthesis and manufacturing.The three processes of billet forming and kiln burning are completed. Most of alumina ceramic powder sintering technology is used for manufacturing. Because of the high hardness of ceramics, it is difficult to cut complex non paired objects.

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