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Why alumina ceramics become a good choice for protective armor

The reason why alumina ceramics can be bulletproof is that they have high specific stiffness, high specific strength and chemical inertia in many environments. Its advantage over metal lies in that the metal material will produce plastic deformation and absorb energy when resisting the impact of the warhead, while the alumina ceramic will hardly produce plastic deformation, and the warhead will be passivated or even broken relying on its high-strength and high hardness. The ceramic surface will be crushed and absorb the energy of the high-speed warhead in the process of forming a small and hard fragment area. Therefore, the application of advanced ceramics in armor system is very attractive. It has become a kind of protective armor widely used in bulletproof clothing, vehicles, aircraft and other equipment.


Zibo zawa new materials co., Ltd., as one factory specilized in alumina ceramics  this year have already set foot in such field and provide qualified ballistic ceramic plates for customers. We sincerely hope that we can cooperate with your sincere foreign friends.

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