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Heat storage ball details

The heat storage ball is described as follows: the heat storage ball has the remarkable characteristics of low shrinkage rate of reburning line, high softening temperature under high temperature load, corrosion resistance, high strength, large heat storage, good thermal shock stability, good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient and so on. It is an excellent refractory material. By double preheating of gas (blast furnace, converter) and air (oil, high calorific value gas, etc., adopts single heat storage mode of combustion air), the smoke exhaust volume of regenerative heating furnace can be reduced by 20-50%, the smoke exhaust temperature can be reduced to less than 150 degrees, the output can be increased by 15-20%, and the billet heating time can be shortened by 50%. Oxidation burn loss reduces 30-50% environmental protection and energy saving effect.

1) The high efficiency heat storage pellets produced by the company can reach 240m2/m3 specific surface area

2) Many pellets divide the air flow into small flow streams, and the air flow passes through the heat accumulator, forming strong turbulence, which effectively beaks through the boundary layer on the surface of the heat accumulator. Moreover, due to the small diameter of the ball, small conduction radius, small thermal resistance, high density and good thermal conductivity, the requirements of frequent and rapid reversal of the heat accumulator burner can be realized.

3) The accumulator can use 20-30 times /h of commutation, and the high temperature flue gas can be reduced to about 130℃ after flowing through the accumulator bed.

4) High temperature gas and air flowing through the heat accumulator can be preheated to about 100℃ lower than the flue gas temperature in the same path, and the temperature efficiency is as high as 90%.

5) Because the volume of the heat accumulator is very small and the flow capacity of the pellet bed is strong, the heat exchange index will not be affected even if the resistance increases after ash accumulation.

6) Heat storage pellets have the characteristics of strong oxidation resistance and slag resistance.

7) The replacement and cleaning of the ceramic ball is very convenient and can be reused.

Spherical heat storage body main specifications: Φ16mm, Φ18mm, Φ20mm, Φ25mm, etc

The above is to bring you about the introduction of heat storage ball, I hope to help you.

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