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Alumina ceramic processing details and advantages

Alumina ceramics is industrial Al2O3 is prepared by bauxite and diaspore, for high purity Al2O3, generally prepared by chemical method. Molding methods are mainly extrusion, isostatic pressure, grouting, dry pressure, injection molding after high temperature calcination.

Alumina ceramics have strong weather resistance, that is, strong adaptability to the outside climate, sun resistance, acid rain corrosion resistance, stable performance, in its surface and cutting edge do not need to add paint or protective layer, directly glazing can be finished. Alumina ceramics in calcination adding zirconia, silicon oxide, silicon nitride and other powder composite ceramic materials will greatly increase the hardness and strength of ceramics, and compared with traditional porcelain, alumina ceramics low water absorption, low cost, relatively large brittleness.

When choosing ceramics, we should pay attention to check whether the alumina ceramic coating is thorough. This coating can bring many advantages to ceramics, and it will not be damaged in use. It can be used for a longer time under the protection of alumina. The use of ceramic can also be more secure. This new processing technology also brings more market for ceramics, which can be used for everyone to choose from many aspects.

In the ceramic processing, with this coating can also be in case, can let our ceramic technology to a higher level. And in terms of appearance, this coating is also very beautiful, you can design a lot of shapes. This reprocessing can make the overall shape look better, but also enhance the value of the ceramic.

In terms of design and modeling, the use of alumina ceramic coating ceramics also has a lot of advantages, this design concept can let people choose their favorite ceramic porcelain, can ensure the acceptance of the market, but also can expand the scope of the market.

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