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Alumina ceramic ball characteristics

High aluminum ball, also known as alumina ceramic ball is based on α alumina powder as raw material, after rolling or pressing forming, 1600 degrees Celsius high temperature sintering made of wear-resistant ceramic products.

1. The characteristics of alumina ceramic ball are as follows:

(1) High hardness: the Mohs hardness of alumina ceramics is 9, only 1 level lower than diamond (diamond Mohs hardness is 10).

(2) Good wear resistance, slow consumption speed

(3) Corrosion resistance: alumina is inert and does not react with acid and base to avoid corrosion consumption under acid conditions

(4) High strength, low ball breaking rate, the appearance is not easy to lose round after use

(5) The density of high aluminum ball is more than 3.6g/cm3, and the density is half of the steel ball. Under fine grinding condition, the wear of over-grinding and equipment is reduced, the noise of equipment is reduced, and the power consumption is reduced

(6) Non-toxic and harmless, in line with EU ROHS ingredient restriction requirements

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