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What is ZTA Zirconia Toughed Alumina tiles?

ZTA Zirconia Toughed Alumina ceramic tiles is added with certain zirconia ceramic ingredients on the basis of alumina. Its wear resistance and toughness is between alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics, and has the characteristics of high hardness, excellent wear resistance and strong toughness. In terms of product performance, ZTA zirconium aluminum composite lining brick is a better material for preparing high-end grinding medium and lining brick products with "wear resistance, impact resistance and consistency inside and outside". It can meet the application environment of high-strength impact and the needs of improving the quality of high-purity ultra-fine products.

It is used for conveying systems, pulverizing systems, ash discharge and dust removal systems, thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical industry, cement, port and wharf, etc.

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