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Ceramic wear-resistant linings

Ceramic wear-resistant  linings are used in:

1.Coal-fired power plant ash removal, slag discharge pipe, powder feeding, powder returning pipe, desulfurization pipe.

2.Mines: coal water slurry, coal washing slime, mine filler, pulverized coal in the coal industry,mine filling, concentrate and tailings to transport coal.Coal preparation and long-distance pipeline coal transportation generally use wet transportation.

3.Metal mines: Conveyor wear-resistant elbows for concentrates and tailings.

4.Metallurgy: blast furnace coal injection and slag conveying pipelines in ironmaking plants; transportation pipelines.

5.Cement plant: Raw material slurry conveying, coal powder conveying, hoisting, pneumatic conveying and unloading of finished cement, concrete conveying wear-resistant elbow of rotary kiln wet production line.

Among them,In cement plancts, wear-resistant ceramics  are used for:

1.Cyclone barrel and inlet and outlet air pipes, powder separator casing and cone, circulating fan casing, vertical mill outlet air pipe, vertical mill powder separator.

2.Cyclone, according to the working conditions of the cyclone, the alumina wear-resistant ceramic liner is pasted on the steel plate of the inner wall of the equipment to form a firm anti-wear layer. This product is suitable for pneumatic conveying of powder.

3.Fan volute anti-wear treatment

4.The use of alumina wear-resistant ceramic bonding sheet is convenient for construction and has good wear resistance.


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