The main characteristic of ZTA ceramic tiles

ZTA uses high-purity zirconia and alumina powder as the main raw materials, adds a variety of rare elements, and is formed by high-pressure molding and high-temperature sintering.ZTA ceramic tile is a high-wear composite ceramic liner with high hardness and good toughness. ZTA wear-resistant ceramic composite liner is 2.5 times the service life of alumina ceramic liner. At present, it is mainly concentrated in the application of chutes, hoppers and other equipment. It is used for large conveying capacity, large impact, poor working conditions, and large wear. Mining, port and other industries.

ZTA ceramic tile has the following characteristics:

1. High hardness and high wear resistance

2. 2. Strong toughness and high impact resistance

In summary, the wear resistance of ZTA ceramics is stronger than 95% alumina ceramics and the price is more affordable than zirconia ceramics.

ZTA linings are suitable for anti-wearing of various mining equipment, such as coal mines, copper mines, tungsten ore, molybdenum ore, iron ore and other mines, as well as ore washing plants. Such as hoppers, chutes, silos, magnetic separators, slurry pumps, drum encapsulation, bucket wheel discs, heavy medium cyclones, etc.

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