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Solution to friability of wear-resistant ceramic lining plate.

As we all know, wear-resistant ceramic lining plates are generally made according to molds, and their shapes are regular, so they sometimes need to be cut in the construction process. The following small series introduces the solution to the fragility of wear-resistant ceramic lining plate.

The hardness of wear-resistant ceramic lining is very high, so it is difficult to cut. The Rockwell hardness of wear-resistant ceramic lining with alumina content of more than 92% is more than 80. The hardness of ordinary grinding wheel is not as large as it and can not be cut. It can only be cut with diamond saw blade.

Then we discuss how to cut. This is the key. You may think it's OK to cut, but how do you cut with a pipe? In fact, No. Pay attention to the position of the knife. Our technicians told us that when the high-speed rotating blade contacts the wear-resistant ceramic plate in the center, the ceramic plate will break under the action of shear stress, so we must cut the blade from the end, so that the stress can be minimized and the cutting of wear-resistant ceramic plate will not be affected.

Also pay attention to the cooling of the cutting blade. When cutting this hard material, the temperature of the blade will rise rapidly, resulting in a decrease in the strength of the blade. Therefore, pay attention to cooling the blades with water. In addition, it is recommended to decompose the drawing before cutting the size, shape and angle of the ceramic sheet according to the drawing.

Wear resistant ceramic lining plate is a material sintered at 1700 ℃ with alumina as the main raw material. It is widely used in coal conveying, material conveying system, dust removal system and other mechanical equipment in thermal power, iron and steel, machinery, chemical and other enterprises. Different types of products can be selected according to different needs.


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