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The application of ZTA in the cyclones of coal washing

In the cyclones of coal washing and ore dressing industries, due to the high-speed rotation of liquid, solid coarse and fine particles and other media, the inner wall wears extremely seriously. Especially at the feed inlet, overflow outlet and underflow outlet. The traditional alumina ceramic lining will wear out after a few months of use, and even wear through and leak. It seriously affects the swirling efficiency and causes adverse consequences to the production environment and production efficiency.


ZTA ceramic tiles produced by Zibo ZAWA are a new generation of wear-resistant ceramic products that can be synthesized with zirconia and alumina through a special process. Its hardness HRA reaches more than 90, especially its bending and compressive strength is much higher than alumina ceramics, and its wear resistance is more than 4 times that of alumina ceramics.


Our company analyzes the degree of wear of different parts of the cyclone and uses a combination of alumina ceramics and ZTA ceramics. The heavy wear parts use ZTA ceramics and the other parts use 95 alumina ceramics to achieve the overall wear balance of the equipment and not only improve the cost-effectiveness of the product and greatly extend the service life of the cyclone. Therefore, our ZTA ceramic cyclone has been used very well in some coal washing plants in Guizhou, Shanxi, Hunan and other domestic places, and has been well received by users.

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