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Introduction of ZTA ceramic tiles

ZTA ceramic tile is made of zirconia toughened alumina ceramics. Its unique nanostructure makes the intermolecular bond energy significantly strengthened. At the same time, rare earth oxides are added to strengthen the ceramic material through the microcrystal theory, the dispersion strengthening theory and the double framework structure. The strength and toughness have been greatly improved.


When SHC wear-resistant ceramics cannot meet the mechanical performance requirements, this material will be the perfect choice, with a better performance-to-price ratio.


Performance characteristics:


Ultra high hardness

Good toughness

Higher bending resistance

Very good abrasion resistance

Low density

Excellent temperature resistance

Good insulation

Good corrosion resistance

Good thermal shock stability



The main purpose:


1. Used for anti-wear of high-impact equipment in industrial enterprises;


2. Production of structural ceramic parts, such as pump cylinder plungers, ceramic ball valves, ceramic gears, ceramic bearings, ceramic panels for the paper industry, slag cleaners and other fine ceramic products in the petroleum and chemical industries;


3. Used to make high-hard cutting tools.

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