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Ceramic rubber composite board

There are a large number of belt drums in ore terminals, thermal power plants, and steel plants. The traditional belt drums are covered with rubber to prevent belt slippage. However, there are also shortcomings in practical applications, especially the open-air conveying system. Under the erosion of mineral powder and the frequent operation of the belt, the surface of the drum is sometimes worn and smooth in only two to three months. It is easy to get mud on the belt on rainy days. The belt slips, which seriously affects the conveying efficiency, and even makes the belt line unable to operate normally and has to be shut down for replacement.

        Zawa's new generation of roller ceramic rubber uses advanced thermal vulcanization technology to vulcanize wear-resistant ceramics with particles on the surface in special rubber according to a certain layout, and then paste it on the surface of the roller to replace the traditional rubber to strengthen the belt and roller. The coefficient of friction and the function of improving the service life of the roller. At the same time, the groove between each row of ceramics facilitates drainage and mud removal, ensuring normal operation in harsh environments. Generally, the service life of the roller can be prolonged by more than 10 times.


        1. Thoroughly solve the problem of belt slip: under normal conveying pressure, the ceramic bump design can ensure the positive traction of the belt, prevent the conveyor belt from slipping, and improve the conveying efficiency.

        2. Long service life: There is almost no wear on the surface ceramics, and the service life can reach 8-10 times that of traditional rubber encapsulation.

        3. No damage to the belt: The frequent sliding friction of traditional rubber encapsulation can cause serious damage to the belt. The unique ceramic design of the product makes the ceramic and the belt tightly engaged without sliding friction between each other. At the same time, multiple convex points are evenly stressed, almost No damage to the belt.

        4. The grooves between each row of ceramics are convenient for drainage and mud removal.

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