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The perfect combination of high wear resistance of ceramics and high cushioning properties of rubber

The ceramic rubber liner  uses rubber vulcanization technology to inlay special ceramics in special rubber to form a ceramic rubber composite liner to form a strong and cushioning anti-wear layer. Rubber can effectively absorb impact loads, while ceramic can effectively protect the surface.

In addition, it can be vulcanized with the steel plate with countersunk head bolts, which is convenient for quick installation and replacement.

Practice has proved that WT-R has excellent performance in material conveying systems with heavy workload and poor working conditions.

Optional material

Ceramics: STC wear-resistant ceramics/ZTA zirconia toughened alumina ceramics/STA alloy ceramics

Viscose: ordinary rubber/heat-resistant rubber (150℃)/cold-resistant rubber (-50℃)/flame retardant rubber

Operating temperature

-50°C to 150°C

Applicable medium

Lump materials such as coal, coke, slag, cement clinker, limestone, etc.

Scope of application

Suitable for chute and hopper of low temperature bulk material conveying system. Such as coal drop pipe, coal drop bucket, vibrating screen, etc.

usual format


Performance characteristics:

1.Super wear-resistant

Extend equipment life more than 10 times;

2.Good impact resistance

Ceramic is a toughening formula, rubber can play a good role in buffering and absorbing energy, and large particles below 200mm can be easily dealt with;


The ceramic rubber steel plate is vulcanized in one piece, and the combination is very firm; each lining plate has a countersunk bolt passing through the bottom steel plate, which is firmly welded, and double insurance;

4.Easy to maintain

The lining plate has countersunk bolts and the lining plate is more than 60% lighter than the wear-resistant steel plate, which is very convenient for installation and replacement.

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