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What is ceramic rubber liner?

The ceramic rubber liner adopts an advanced thermal vulcanization process to vulcanize toughened and wear-resistant ceramics and rubber together, and then use a high-strength organic adhesive to bond the liner to the inner shell steel plate of the equipment to form a strong and strong Anti-wear layer with cushioning force. It combines the advantages of high hardness of ceramics and high cushioning and anti-fatigue properties of rubber, and can well solve the problem of equipment wear in the process of conveying bulk materials. The addition of rubber, in addition to having good anti-wear and anti-corrosion effects, can also prevent production shutdown due to material accumulation and reduce noise. It is also possible to directly vulcanize toughened and wear-resistant ceramic tiles and special rubber on steel plates with countersunk bolts to form wear-resistant liners of various shapes, which are convenient for installation and replacement.


1. Wear resistance: alumina corundum ceramics, the hardness reaches HRA85 or more;

2. Impact resistance: The toughened ceramic formula ensures that the ceramic is not easy to break. The unique design and high-quality buffer layer can resist the impact of bulk materials;

3. High temperature resistance: It can be operated at 0℃-200℃ for a long time;

4. Acid and alkali resistance: The rubber adopts a new formula of acid and alkali resistance rubber, which can resist weak acids and weak alkalis;

5. Anti-falling: The ceramic rubber steel plate is vulcanized in one piece, and the combination is very firm; each liner has a penetrating bolt passing through the bottom steel plate, which is firmly welded, and double insurance;

6. Convenient installation and replacement: It is provided with a whole liner, which is convenient for replacement and installation and reduces after-sales service.

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