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Product features of ceramic rubber composite liner

1. Product structure of ceramic rubber liner

After the wear-resistant ceramic is coated with a special rubber adhesive, the three materials of ceramic, rubber and steel plate are vulcanized at high temperature and high pressure to form a strong and impact-resistant three-in-one wear-resistant ceramic composite liner.

2. Product features of ceramic rubber composite liner

1. Wear resistance

Wear-resistant ceramic adopts a unique formula of 95% AL203 and a variety of wear-resistant materials, and is formed by dry pressing of 100 tons. It has the characteristics of high density, high toughness and wear resistance. Its Rockwell hardness ≥90HRA, with super high wear resistance.

2. Resistant to severe cold and high temperature

The three-in-one impact-resistant wear-resistant ceramic liner is developed on the basis of many years of experience. A variety of ingredients are added to the rubber to make the rubber not resistant to the low temperature of minus 50 degrees and the high temperature environment of 250 degrees. It will change the internal structure to prevent the rubber from aging and the tiles from falling off.

3. Impact resistance

The produced wear-resistant ceramics have introduced Cr203 and Ti02, which are very similar to the AI203 crystal lattice, in the formula, and added Zn0 whiskers to form a solid solution with AL203 during the sintering process to refine the grains, promote sintering and improve The role of fracture toughness. The wear-resistant ceramic products produced by our company have excellent fracture toughness.


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