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Three-in-one ceramic rubber liner ​ product structure

Three-in-one ceramic rubber liner  product structure:

The ceramic rubber steel plate three-in-one composite liner adopts a hot vulcanization process, and the toughened ceramic sheet is vulcanized in a steel plate groove equipped with special rubber, and the steel plate groove is equipped with countersunk bolts. This liner is a customized product and can be made into various shapes. Various thicknesses of composite materials are selected to make the liner according to the wear conditions to form a strong wear-resistant layer. The working temperature of this product is -50℃-100℃.

The properties of each material in the three-in-one ceramic liner complement each other to form an excellent wear-resistant and impact-resistant panel, so it has incredible wear and impact resistance. It can be used in heavy-wear industries such as sand and gravel and mining and other high-impact areas.

Features of three-in-one ceramic liner:

1. The three-in-one wear-resistant ceramic liner adopts modular production and assembly, which can replace high-wear areas;

2. Provide stud bolt fixation and weldable installation methods;

3. The special rubber hot vulcanization process can not only ensure the solid bonding of the ceramic blocks embedded in the rubber layer, but also act as a buffer layer to prevent the ceramic blocks from breaking;

4. The shape, size and thickness of the porcelain block or lining board can be customized according to your specific working conditions or purposes.

Application scope of three-in-one ceramic liner:

It is used as a wear-resistant lining on equipment that transports large pieces of material, is severely worn, and has strong impact in normal temperature environments.

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