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Introduction of Zirconia Products

Zirconia products have many excellent properties, such as good fire resistance, use temperature up to about 2500 ℃, stable in an oxidizing or reducing atmosphere, and strong corrosion resistance to many metal solutions and slags. In addition, zirconia products have electrical conductivity at high temperatures (above 1000°C).

    The zirconia raw materials used in the manufacture of zirconia products have two crystal types, namely low temperature type and high temperature type. The low temperature type is a monoclinic crystal system, and the high temperature type is a dense tetragonal crystal system. During heating and cooling, they will undergo reversible crystal conversion within the temperature range of 930 to 1230 ℃, and produce rapid and large volume. Variety. Therefore, it is impossible to produce dense and non-cracking zirconia products directly using pure zirconia as a raw material.

The key to manufacturing zirconia products is how to stabilize the zirconia raw materials. Due to the low thermal conductivity and large thermal expansion coefficient of zirconia, the thermal stability of zirconia products is poor. However, the thermal stability of zirconia products made from partially stabilized zirconia raw materials is better than that of fully stable raw materials, which are made of zirconia raw materials composed of 30% monoclinic crystals and 70% cubic crystals. The zirconia products have the best thermal stability. Therefore, when manufacturing zirconia products, the raw materials of zirconia are often stabilized partially rather than completely.

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