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Three-in-one ceramic rubber metal composite wear-resistant plate

The ceramic-rubber composite board adopts an advanced thermal vulcanization process to vulcanize alumina wear-resistant ceramic tile or mosaics or spherical wear-resistant ceramic blocks through rubber and steel plates to form a composite wear-resistant ceramic-rubber composite plate of ceramic-rubber-steel. It combines the advantages of ceramic's high hardness, wear resistance and rubber's high cushioning, anti-fatigue performance and the connection and fixing strength of steel plates, and can well solve the problem of equipment wear during the transportation of bulk materials. The addition of rubber not only makes the composite board have good anti-wear and anti-corrosion effects, but also prevents production shutdowns caused by material accumulation and clogging, and effectively reduces environmental noise. The three-in-one composite board comes with bolts for easy installation. It is mainly used for square chute, blanking pipe, blanking point protection of block materials, wharf conveying equipment, mine transfer equipment, etc. It can well solve the problem of equipment abrasion in the process of conveying bulk materials.


Installation method:The first type is fixed by the bolts on the back of the three-in-one liner and the equipment opening bolts. The second type is welded and fixed with steel plate studs through the counter-bore design of the three-in-one wear-resistant plate.


Applicable temperature: -40℃~150℃


Use parts: Wear-resistant linings of various equipment and pipelines (such as blanking chute, hopper, chute, forklift shovel, coal hopper, ball mill inlet and outlet pipe, coal drop pipe, etc.). The problem of anti-wear equipment during the transportation of bulk materials.

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