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The wear-resistant ceramic composite steel plate

The wear-resistant ceramic composite steel plate is to directly bond the toughened wear-resistant ceramic with a high-strength organic adhesive or an inorganic adhesive with a maximum temperature of 350 ℃ directly into the steel plate groove. The steel plate groove is equipped with countersunk bolts to form a solid liner. And there is an anti-impact anti-wear layer, which can well solve the problem of equipment anti-wear during the transportation of bulk materials. It is suitable for the anti-wear lining of material conveying equipment in high temperature environment, which can withstand the impact of bulk materials.


Performance parameters:

Alumina content ≥92%

Density ≥3.6 g/cm³

Rockwell hardness ≥85 HRA

Compressive strength ≥850 Mpa

Fracture toughness KIC ≥4.8MPa·m1/2

Bending strength ≥290MPa

Thermal conductivity 20W/m.K

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 7.2×10-6m/m.K



1. Wear resistance: Alumina corundum ceramics are used, with hardness above HRA85, and wear resistance 271.5 times that of manganese steel;

2. Impact resistance: The toughened ceramic formula ensures that the ceramic is not easily broken and can resist the impact of large materials;

3. High temperature resistance: it can operate at 0℃-250℃ for a long time;

4. Anti-dropping: The adhesive used in the ceramic is Jingcheng's patented product, and the combination is very strong; each ceramic has a penetrating bolt passing through the bottom steel plate, which is firmly welded, and double insurance;

5. Convenient installation and replacement: It is provided with a whole liner, which is convenient for replacement and installation and reduces after-sales service;

6. Reduce maintenance: Excellent wear resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance, saving costs and labor.

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