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Where is the alumina ball mainly used?

The company has a strict quality control system, from raw material purchase, batching, production process management, to factory inspection and control, and other aspects to ensure stable product performance, quality. The alumina ball is mainly used in the place, and now I will look at it with Xiaobian.

   1. As a catalyst.

   Activated alumina spheres have been widely used as catalysts and catalyst carriers in fertilizers, petrochemicals and other industries. In addition to specific surface area and surface activity, the selection criteria for the carrier include many indicators including mechanical strength, chemical stability and different selectivity.

   2, in addition to fluorine performance.

   Alumina particles have high porosity, good dispersibility, large surface area physical properties, good adsorption, drying, surface activity and stability, and fluorine removal. They are commonly used as catalyst carriers in waste gas treatment. The ideal household drinking water defluoridation device, the water plant defluorination filter material and the auxiliary use of industrial fluorine removal device;

   3. Exhaust gas treatment.

   Alumina balls are one of the good carriers for treating exhaust gas catalysts.

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