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Advantages and development of alumina balls

Alumina grinding balls are widely used in ceramics factories, refractory manufacturers, etc. Currently, there are data showing that the grinding balls of goose soft stone are gradually replaced. Grinding the mud with pebbles + 10% alumina grinding balls (φ35mm), compared with pebbles alone, can shorten the grinding time by 15%; use high aluminum balls + 30% alumina grinding balls (φ35mm) to grind the mud Compared with only the aluminum ball, it can shorten the grinding time by about 30%. Based on the saved electricity cost, it can save the cost of using the alumina grinding ball for about 2 years. According to reports from individual manufacturers, all of the original ball stones were replaced by alumina grinding balls, and the output was about three times.

Most cement plants now have steel balls that were originally used, replacing them with high-alloy balls that last longer. Therefore, grinding raw materials with alumina grinding balls not only saves electricity costs, increases production, but also improves mechanical use efficiency, and has great protection for mechanical equipment.

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