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Applications and characteristics of zirconia

Zirconia ceramics have many advantages, especially the optical fiber connectors and fiber patch cords used in the production are widely used in optical fiber networks, and they are also optical passive devices in large demand. There are also the core parts of the single-mode multi-mode movable optical fiber connector, the main component of which is the zirconia ceramic sleeve (that is, the connector precision needle). The material used is the stable tetragonal zirconia powder.

What are the main application of zirconia ceramics? Here is a specific analysis:

1. Used in zirconia ceramic bearings:

1. It has the characteristics of anti-magnetic and electrical insulation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oil-free self-lubrication, high temperature resistance and high cold resistance, and can be used in extremely harsh environments and special working conditions.

2. At present, zirconia ceramic bearings have been adopted by miniature cooling fans, and their product life and noise stability are better than traditional ball and sliding bearing systems. Foxconn is the first to adopt zirconia ceramic bearings on computer cooling fans.

2. Used for zirconia ceramic grinding balls:

1. It has high hardness, low wear rate, long service life, can greatly reduce the pollution of grinding raw materials, and can well guarantee product quality.

2. At the same time, the zirconia material has a high density and strong impact energy when used as a grinding medium, which can greatly improve the grinding and dispersion efficiency and effectively shorten the grinding time.

3.Used for zirconia brick:

At present, it has a wide range of uses, mainly because of its natural wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature thermal shock resistance, which can be used in many structural parts. Moreover, good chemical stability determines its corrosion resistance and can be used in acidic and alkaline media.

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