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Do you know zirconia bricks?

Zirconia ceramics is a kind of industrial ceramics. It is made by selecting suitable ultra-fine nano-scale zirconia ceramic powder, forming by hot pressing, sintering and forming at a certain temperature. And obtained the best mechanical properties and wear resistance. The flexural strength, fracture toughness and Vickers hardness of zirconia ceramics reached 95.3Mpa, 9.1Mpam1/2, and 12.7Gpa, respectively. Zirconia bricks have also been widely used.


In terms of structural ceramics, zirconia ceramics are widely used in the field of structural ceramics due to their high toughness, high bending strength and high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation properties, and thermal expansion coefficient close to steel. Mainly include: Y-TZP grinding balls, dispersion and grinding media, nozzles, ball valve seats, zirconia molds, micro fan shafts, optical fiber pins, optical fiber sleeves, drawing dies and cutting tools, wear-resistant knives, clothing buttons, Watch cases and straps, bracelets and pendants, ball bearings, light golf batting sticks and other room temperature wear-resistant parts.

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