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Which industries can wear-resistant ceramic elbows be used in?

Which industries can wear-resistant  tiles and elbows be used in?

   Wear-resistant ceramic elbows are often used for ash removal and slag discharge in coal-fired power plants. The production process of this product adopts high technology. Then, which industries can such products be used in?

  1. Mines: coal water slurry, coal washing slime, mine filler, pulverized coal in the coal industry.

  2. Metal mines: pipeline transportation of concentrates and tailings.

  3. Metallurgy: The blast furnace of the iron and steel plant uses coal injection and slag conveying pipelines.

  4. Pipes for conveying ferroalloys for steelmaking, refining outside the furnace, optimization, etc.

  5. Cement plant: raw slurry transportation, coal powder transportation, elevator discharge, concrete transportation pipeline of rotary kiln wet production line.

   The above is the main content of which industries the wear-resistant tile and ceramic elbow can be used in.


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