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The using effect of wear-resistant tile

The using effect of wear-resistant tile


Practice has proved that the ceramic wear-resistant tile liner has good resistance to high temperature, high heat, wear resistance, etc., reduces the load on the cylinder body, improves and prolongs the service life of gear couplings, tire sets and other parts, and increases The effective diameter of the cylinder mixer is improved, and the mixing and pelletizing ability is improved.

The use effects of wear-resistant ceramic liner products are as follows:

First, the situation of hanging materials

Two cylinder mixers equipped with wear-resistant ceramic liners have been tested for more than two years, and the phenomenon of material hanging has been basically eliminated. Only slight material hanging on the angle steel. The material lining formed in the bead (angle steel) area, It can play a certain protective effect on the layering, and the wear-resistant ceramic liner does not hang materials, and there is no aging or wear. It is estimated that the service life of the liner is more than 5 years.

2. Wear and service life of each transmission component

Since the two cylinders have been reformed, the reducer has not been replaced with parts, and its service life is estimated to be extended to 5 years; the gear coupling and the retaining wheel have not been replaced except for the inspection and refueling during planned maintenance; the service life of the tire set has been extended on average By one and a half years; the movement of the cylinder has basically been eliminated, and the rotation of the cylinder is quite stable. So far, there has been no downtime due to failure.

Three. Process

(1) The excellent performance of the wear-resistant ceramic liner makes the material trajectory in the mixer reasonable. The layering is slightly hanging and the thickness is appropriate, which provides conditions for further strengthening the mixing and pelletizing capabilities of the mixer.

(2) It has good high temperature resistant material scouring performance and wear resistance.

(3) Increase the effective diameter of the cylinder mixer (increase by 300mm), and improve the ability of the first mixing and the second mixing to pelletize. The average particle size of the mixture detected from the Q-4 belt increased by 0.5mm, the pelletizing rate increased by 2%-3%, and the mixture particle size composition was reasonable.

(4) The wear-resistant tile liner reduces the daily labor intensity of the production system before overhaul, no need to clean and excavate the mixer, saving manpower and material resources.


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