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How many years can ceramic wear-resistant tile be used?

How many years can ceramic wear-resistant tile be used?


Alumina wear-resistant ceramic linings are special corundum ceramics made of Al2O3 as the main raw material, rare metal oxides as the flux, and calcined at a high temperature of 1,700 degrees.


Al2O3 ceramic lining: high alumina content, relatively dense structure and special properties, so it is called special ceramics. Al2O3 ceramic material is a close-packed hexagonal structure composed of oxygen ions, and aluminum ions are filled in two-thirds of the octahedral gap. This is the same stable α-Al2O3 structure as natural corundum, so the ceramic has a high melting point and high hardness , Has excellent wear resistance.


In addition to the service life of the wear-resistant ceramic lining is related to its own quality, one of the important factors is the external factor, which mainly includes the friction method, environment, load, scouring speed, temperature and time.


The wear of wear-resistant ceramic linings is generally divided into cutting wear, fatigue wear, adhesion wear, abrasion wear, impact wear, etc. As the working principle of each type of wear is not the same, the wear mechanism is also quite different. In practical applications or experiments, they often do not act in isolation, but interact and influence each other. Sometimes one mechanism is obvious, and sometimes two or more mechanisms work together. Generally speaking, the smaller the particles, the lower the concentration and the lower the flushing speed, the longer the service life of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet.


Generally, in the network pipe of the slag powder production line, the specific surface area of the powder is 420~450m2, the concentration is 350g/Nm3, the speed is 28~30m/s, and the scouring angle is 30℃, 20mm wear-resistant ceramic lining can be used 8 to 10 years. Raw material mills and clinker mills are easier to grind than slag. Wear-resistant ceramic linings of the same thickness can last for more than 10 years.


Wear-resistant elbow of power plant powder feeding pipeline:


With experience in the production of wear-resistant tile elbows for powder feed pipes in coal-fired power plants, the mainstream bimetal, ceramic patch, and silicon carbide three wear-resistant types are the main products. The other optional wear-resistant types are: tortoise-shell mesh wear-resistant corundum and rare earth wear-resistant alloy cast steel, but because the two have poor wear resistance, they are generally used in the primary wind wear-resistant elbow of small boilers .

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