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Let zawa introduce the shape of wear resistant tiles for you

Do you learn about the shapes of wear-resistant tile?Let zawa introduce some for you:


1.Dovetail type

The dovetail type of wear-resistant ceramics are suitable for the operation of equipment under ultra-high temperature conditions,such as fan impellers and burners.The using temperature can reach 900 ℃.


2.Welding type

Welding wear-resistant ceramics are fixed by welding or gluing. After the wear-resistant ceramic is installed on the surface of the equipment, the application range of the wear-resistant ceramic is greatly expanded. It is suitable for the abrasion resistance of pneumatic conveying system under severe working conditions,such as high temperature and impact. The high temperature resistance can reach 800℃.

3.Paste type

Adhesive wear-resistant ceramic sheets are to use high-temperature inorganic organic adhesive to directly paste the wear-resistant ceramic on the inner wall of the equipment. These are mainly suitable for wear-resistant system equipments such as cyclone separators, powder separators, dust removal pipelines, coal powder pipelines, etc.Under high temperature environment (300C), wear-resistant ceramic tiles have long-term operation without aging or falling off, high product hardness and good wear resistance. So it can extend the equipment The service life of the pipeline is 8-10 years.

The main raw material of wear-resistant ceramic tile is alumina, which is divided into 95%, 92%, 90% according to the alumina content.



1. High hardness.

After testing, Rockwell hardness is as high as HR82-90.

2. Good wear resistance.

Wear resistance is significantly higher than wear-resistant steel and stainless steel.

3. Good impact resistance.

The compressive strength is above 200 MPa and the flexural strength is above 40 MPa, which can withstand long-term drilling erosion.

4. Can be firmly adhered.

It is bonded to the inner wall of the pipeline with a high temperature resistant adhesive, which can be used for a long time at room temperature.

5. Light weight.

The density of alumina wear resistant tile is above  3.62g/cm3 and the weight is less than 1/2 of steel, which can greatly reduce the equipment load.


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