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What types of the wear resistant tiles and where to export?

High alumina wear resistant tile alias: 92 ceramic lining brick, ball mill high alumina lining, microcrystalline wear-resistant high alumina lining brick, molded by two-way hydraulic press and sintered in high temperature natural gas kiln. The internal and external structure of the product is uniform, and has been tested by modern testing technology. It has excellent properties such as high hardness, high strength and good toughness. The service life can reach more than 3 years. It is an ideal ball mill lining. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and high hardness.  


Features of high aluminum lining brick:

1. The main component of high-aluminum lining brick is high-quality alumina with high purity, which can greatly reduce the pollution caused to grinding materials.

2. Good wear resistance, effectively extending the service life of machinery and equipment.

3. The slurry produced by matching with high alumina ball is fine.

4. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high density and high mechanical strength.

ZAWA ceramic tile liner types:
  - alumina ceramic plain tile
  - ceramic weldable tile liner
  - ceramic curved pipe tile liner
  - ceramic arc pipe tile linings
  - alumina brick linings
  - ceramic square /rectangle /hexagonal tile


ZAWA’s wear resistant tiles/linings export countries:

-European countries: Germany,UK,Denmark,Turkey,Sweeden
-South American countries: Chile,Peru,Argentina,Colombia,Brazil
-Southeast Asia countries: India,Indonesia,Korea,Vietnam,Malaysia,
-South Africa

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