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Do you know the cutting method of ceramic wear resistant tile?

Cutting method of ceramic wear resistant tile:

We use high-hardness diamond blades to cut wear-resistant ceramic liners. The cutting machine can be either a large desktop or a hand-held one, as long as it is protected when cutting, so that the skin is not cut by the cut pieces. Then talk about how to cut, this is the point. Many customers encounter difficulties in this place, saying that everything is broken. Today I will give you a trick. You must pay attention to the position of the knife. You may think that any position can be cut. But our technicians told us that when the high-speed rotating blade touches the wear-resistant ceramic plate in the center position When subjected to shear stress, the porcelain plate will break. Therefore, the knife must be cut from the end, so that the stress can be reduced to a minimum without affecting the cutting of the wear-resistant porcelain plate. The last thing is to pay attention to the cooling of the cutting blade. When cutting this hard material, the temperature of the blade rises quickly, which will cause the strength of the blade to decrease, so pay attention to cooling the blade with water.


Here are several ways to cut ceramic chips:

1. Laser cutting is also a method, which is characterized by a narrow cutting width and can also be used for curved cutting, but the only disadvantage is that it cannot cut too thick wear-resistant ceramic sheets.

2. In industry, wear-resistant ceramic chip cutting tools generally use diamond grinding wheels for cutting, which can achieve high precision. They play a great role in precision cutting, grooving or sawing. If the tapered side is used The cutting wheel can also avoid the adverse effects caused by the dull abrasive.

3. When cutting the wear-resistant tile, the waterproof cover needs to be installed in sequence. The friction generates a lot of heat during the cutting process, so it is easy to generate heat, deformation, expansion and loosening, so water cooling measures are very important. And waterjet cutting has gradually become the main method of cutting.

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