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Wear resistant tiles are in stock

Zawa wear resistant tile is a preferred liner option in areas of extreme small particulate abrasion with minimal impact. The 90% fine grain, high grade alumina is manufactured to the highest standards, producing a premium product that can hold up to your most abrasive materials. Ceramic tiles offer great mechanical properties with superior sliding abrasion resistance.ZAWA wear resistant tiles are offered in several thicknesses to address the requirements of your specific application. We are offered with a choice of attachment methods for optimal performance.


For alumina tile products,  ZAWA  manufactures and supplies a full variation of high alumina ranges around the world. It is the most widely used technical ceramic and is the material of choice in about 80% of engineering applications due to its combination of properties. Fired at over 1600°C (2900°F) to give a fully dense technical ceramic, alumina exhibits high mechanical strength, rigidity and can be machined to tight tolerances and fine surface finishes.  Alumina is often used as a replacement for metallic components in demanding engineering applications.



1.Greatest Level of Sliding Abrasion Resistance

2.Cost Effective

3.Multiple Thickness Options

4.Chemical Resistance

5.Multiple Attachment Options


Ceramic wear resistant tiles have excellent abrasion and wear resistant qualities and are ideal for use in transfer chutes, piping systems, hoppers, etc. Typical markets include grain, coal-fired power generation, mining, cement, and more. Ceramic tiles are adhered to a substrate with cement, mortar, epoxy, or RTV silicone.


Zawa stocks and distributes a full range of high-density, fine-grain, wear-resistant alumina ceramic wear tiles to prevent erosion and abrasion in conveying and bulk material handling systems.  Our alumina ceramic is next to diamond in hardness, is 12 times more wear-resistant than carbon steel, and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.


Ceramic wear resistant  tiles are stocked and shipped to you quickly.Welcome to inquiry us whenever.

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