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Do you know how many types of chemical filling balls?

Ceramic chemical filling ball has excellent acid and heat resistance, and can withstand the corrosion of various acids and alkalis except oxyfluoric acid. Ceramic packing can be used for washing towers, cooling towers, recovery towers, desulfurization towers, drying towers, absorption towers, and reactor linings in chemical, metallurgy, acid, gas, oxygen, steel, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries.


1. ceramic ring

Including three Y rings, Raschig rings, cross diaphragm rings, Pall rings, rectangular saddle rings, different saddle rings, conjugate rings, flat rings, and more than forty kinds of porcelain rings.


2. Ceramic rectangular saddle ring

It belongs to the process of continuous extrusion and has the advantages of large flux, reduced pressure, and high efficiency. The rectangular saddle-ring packing bed has a large void ratio, and the inside of the bed is mostly arc-shaped liquid channels, which reduces the resistance of gas passing through the bed and also reduces the radial diffusion coefficient when the liquid flows downward.


3. Ceramic step ring

The gap between the filler particles is increased, and the resistance of the gas passing through the filler layer is reduced. These contact points can also be the convergence and dispersion points of the liquid flowing along the surface of the filler, thereby promoting the surface renewal of the liquid film, which is beneficial to the transfer of the filler. Improve quality and efficiency.


4. Ceramic cross diaphragm ring packing

It is only suitable for neat stacking, and generally only used as the support and distribution layer of the tower bottom for random stacking. The cross diaphragm ring of Ф 80-150mm can be used as supporting material, the porosity is greater than 60%, and the number is the integral number.


5. Ceramic saddle ring packing

It is a new type of packing improved on the basis of the rectangular saddle ring packing. It has the characteristics of reduced pressure and high mass transfer efficiency. It is widely used in sulfuric acid drying towers and other tower equipment.

Above is the different types of ceramic chemical filling balls.

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