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How many kinds of chemical filling balls?

There are many types of chemical filling balls, but they can be summarized into four types:

1.Granular filler: Granular filler is the earliest filler, made of inorganic ceramsite or quartz sand. The main advantages of this kind of filler are rough surface, easy attachment of microorganisms, and strong ability to intercept suspended solids; but its high resistance and easy clogging are its important defects!

2. Honeycomb or corrugated packing: This type of packing is usually made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or plastic (polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, etc.). Its advantages include light weight, high porosity, high strength, and good anti-corrosion performance. The disadvantages are: the balance of microbial growth and shedding is not well controlled, and it is difficult to obtain a uniform flow rate.

3. Spherical lightweight ceramsite: Spherical lightweight ceramsite is generally made of clay as its raw material, adding appropriate chemical raw materials as an expansion agent, and firing at high temperature. Compared with traditional fillers, the advantages of spherical lightweight ceramsite are: high strength, large porosity, large specific surface area, appropriate density, better chemical stability, and strong biological adhesion; the disadvantages are: high energy consumption, The preparation cost is high. my country's spherical lightweight ceramsite aerated biological filter and its combined process have been widely used in domestic sewage treatment, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, and beer wastewater treatment. In many years of practice, it has achieved outstanding effects.

4. Irregular porous packing: the previous packing includes Rasching Ring, Pall Ring, etc.; the current packing includes Hackett ball (Hacketten) and multi-faceted lightweight ball, etc. The materials are made of tower internals , Ceramics, graphite, plastics and metals. The main advantages are simple structure and low price; however, uneven fluid distribution is his disadvantage.

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