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What is the service life of alumina wear resistant ceramic tiles?

Wear mechanism of alumina wear resistant tiles/linings:

According to different working conditions and stress conditions, the wear of wear-resistant ceramic pieces can be roughly divided into cutting wear, fatigue wear, abrasion wear, impact wear, etc., because the working principle of each type of wear is different, so ceramic pieces The abrasion mechanism is also quite different, and in actual applications or tests, they often do not act in isolation, but are interconnected and interact with each other. Sometimes one mechanism is obvious, and sometimes two or more mechanisms are combined. .


Service life of alumina wear resistant ceramic tiles/linings:

In addition to the quality of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet, one of the important factors is the external factor, which mainly includes the medium particle size, hardness, friction method, environment, load, scouring speed, temperature and time. Generally speaking, the smaller the particles, the lower the concentration, the lower the scouring speed, and the smaller the scouring angle, the longer the service life of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet. Usually in the network pipe of the slag powder production line, the specific surface area of the powder is 420~450m2/kg, the concentration is 350g/Nm3, the speed is 28~30m/s, and the scouring angle is 30℃, 20mm wear-resistant ceramic sheets can be used 8 to 10 years. Raw material mills and clinker mills are easier to grind than slag. Wear-resistant ceramic sheets with the same thickness can have a service life of more than 10 years.


Application range of alumina wear resistan tiles/linings:

Wear-resistant ceramic sheets are widely used in industrial production, especially in coal handling, conveying systems, pulverizing systems, and ash discharge in enterprises such as thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemicals, cement, and ports. , Dust removal system and other mechanical equipment with great wear, such as wear-resistant ceramic liners, wear-resistant ceramic pipes, wear-resistant ceramic rollers, etc., can choose different types of products according to different working conditions.

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