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The advantages of the ZTA ceramic liner are particularly prominent.

Zirconia toughened alumina (abbreviated as ZTA ceramic) is defined as "super wear-resistant and impact-resistant" ceramics, and the model is NMC-ZTA. This composite ceramic material shows both the high toughness and high strength of zirconia ceramics , And retains the advantages of alumina's high hardness, which is the combination of the strength of the material. Its wear resistance has also been greatly improved, especially in the transportation of large bulk materials, such as: large materials, high drop, large impact, and hard materials under special conditions. The advantages of the ZTA ceramic liner are particularly prominent.


Certified by the customer, the service life of the metal wear plate is about 8 months, during which it will be repaired 3-4 times. The service life of the switch to alumina wear-resistant ceramic liner is more than 2 years; in 2017, except for the blanking point, the ZTA ceramic liner is used, and the rest are all alumina wear-resistant ceramic liners. The ceramic thickness and installation method are adjusted, and the design is optimized. Now the service life has reached more than 3 years. It has never been repaired and is still in continuous use. The estimated service life is more than 4 to 5 years. Therefore, the ZTA ceramic liner is used for places with large impact and high drop, and alumina wear-resistant ceramic liners are used for parts with relatively small erosion and easy to wear. This is why our wear-resistant ceramic liners are both wear-resistant and wear-resistant. The secret of impact resistance is to maximize the overall service life of the chute through optimized design.

Therefore, for prospective customers or old customers, we will send engineers with rich work experience to come to measure, according to the actual working conditions, optimize the steel parts of the equipment, and select the most suitable wear-resistant materials (ZTA ceramic tile or alumina ceramic )to prevent wear of each part. Go to the ceramic parts to optimize the ceramic thickness of each part and the installation method of the lining board. According to the actual needs of the customer, the "private" customization is carried out, and the design concept of "good steel is used on the blade" is adopted to minimize equipment factors. The number of overhauls caused by wear and tear reduces maintenance costs, saves energy and reduces consumption, and completely eliminates environmental pollution caused by "drip leakage".

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