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What do you know about ZTA ceramic tile?

Zirconia Toughened alumina ceramics(ZTA ceramic tiles) are based on alumina with a certain amount of zirconia ceramic ingredients. The wear resistance and toughness are between alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics. Because the price of zirconia ceramics is higher, users are disposable The manufacturers with relatively large investment and the most production and use are mainly European and American companies and large groups such as BHP Billiton in Australia.


The lattice of zirconia ceramics is stable at high temperatures, and the lattice phase is damaged at room temperature. Therefore, 94.4% of zirconia must be stabilized at room temperature and 5.6% stabilizer (rare earth, etc.) must be added, and the powder is dry pressed. , Sintered at 1560℃, the hardness and toughness will exceed 99% alumina ceramic, and its wear resistance and impact resistance exceed 99% alumina ceramic. If no stabilizer is added, ceramics are prone to cracking, so the zirconia ball is used as an abrasive material because it has great hardness and toughness.


Therefore, zawa's wear-resistant ZTA ceramic tiles have outstanding characteristics, as follows:


1. High hardness and excellent wear resistance

2. Strong toughness and excellent impact resistance

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