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why ZTA ceramic tile is superior to other materials?

Wear-resistant ZTA ceramic tiles are superior to other materials in terms of chemical resistance and wear resistance. Therefore, it is used in harsh conditions where it is difficult to use metal or other materials. Such as semiconductor equipment parts, mechanical seals, paper machinery, fiber machinery, electronic parts, cutting equipment rolls, sleeves, watch casings, decorations, other parts that require chemical resistance, wear resistance, and heat resistance, and ceramics for mechanical construction Pieces etc.


Wear-resistant ZTA ceramic tiles are mainly used in the inner lining of various ball mills, and the thickness is generally 15mm to 25mm. Its excellent wear resistance is well received by customers, and it is one of the mature and wear-resistant materials on the market.


Wear-resistant ZTA ceramics have the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, high toughness, low friction coefficient, and good corrosion resistance. They are used in mechanical seals, ball milling media, cutting tools, ceramic bearings, automotive engine parts, paper Machine dehydration equipment, etc. The wear resistance of ZTA ceramic tiles is 15 times that of alumina ceramics. The friction coefficient of wear-resistant ZTA ceramic tiles is only 1/2 of that of alumina ceramics, while the friction coefficient of alumina ceramics is very low.

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