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What are the technologies for ZTA ceramic tile?

Zirconium-aluminum composite ceramics (ZTA ceramic tile) began in 1995. After years of development, a new high-tech ceramic product integrating super wear resistance, high toughness, high density of zirconia and the hardness and corrosion resistance of high alumina has been developed. The product is moderately priced, suitable for density, and has excellent wear resistance. It is very suitable for non-metallic minerals, paints, inks, paper coatings, electronic materials, and magnetic materials. Through many years of research and development,the technologies of zirconium-aluminum composite ceramics include:


1. On the scale of nano-materials, through the scientific tailoring design of zirconium, aluminum, and silicon, we can produce zirconium-aluminum composite ceramic materials with different uses based on ZTM as the basic phase to meet the chemical composition and density requirements of customers. , And can also meet customer requirements for prices.


2. Use the world's first dry powder magnetic separator for removing iron and titanium to select natural zircon sand and bauxite, and then use chemical methods to make composite nano-powders.


3. Aiming at the characteristics of zirconium-aluminum composite ceramic raw materials, through the design and precise control of polymer materials, a series of high-efficiency nano-powder dispersants have been developed.


4. Successfully tested the "high activity, low specific surface area" ceramic preparation technology, which solved nano-ceramic products, especially the preparation of large-size ceramics from nano-powder.


5. While strictly controlling the macro-ceramic indicators, use SEM and other high-end testing equipment to control the micro-morphology and other micro-structure indicators to ensure the quality of the production. Realize the transformation of ceramic development from micro to macro.


The density of zirconium-aluminum ZTA ceramic tile is 3.7g/cm3, its hardness, toughness, abrasion and other properties are much better than alumina ball, and its cost is similar to aluminum ball. Therefore they have a higher cost performance. In application, because its density is between zirconium balls and aluminum balls, it has the highest grinding efficiency in ultrafine grinding, so its market demand is huge.

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