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A wide variety of purity grades from 90% to 99% pure of Aluminium oxide are available on the market. Typical grades that are used for modern industrial applications are of high purity from 92% to 99.7%. Between the various advanced ceramics that exist today, alumina is the most commonly used ceramic materials that has a wide range of properties and a very competitive cost due to high tech of manufacturing techniques.And for wear-resistant application,92% alumina wear-resistant tile is the most suitable ceramic materials.


Properties of Alumina

· Good mechanical strength under compressive loading

· Electrical insulation

· Hardness and excellent wear resistance

· Corrosion resistance to acid, gas, chemical etc.

· Excellent dielectric for direct Amp and microwaves application

· Law dielectric constant


Applications of Alumina

· Excellent electric insulator products

· Sand and shot blasting nozzles

· Mig. & Tig. welding shield and nozzles for laser cutting guns

· Various type of tubes with single hole to multy core/ hole cavities

· Seals for tap water

· Textile wear parts and thread guides

· Piston and sleeves for water pumps and chemical pumps

· Corrosion resistance components


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