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What is the advantage of wear-resistant ceramic tiles?

The valve in the desulfurization system can change the flow during the switching process, so the slurry with grain at high speed will wear out the pipe at the end of valves. The liquid in the tube contains much sulfite which is very corrosive, so usually nonmetallic pipes like rubber tubes and pvc pipes are used to avoid corrosion, but the wear resistance of these tubes are poor that the straight pipe at the end of valves always worn out. The tiles with resist abrasion and corrosion are developed to well solve the problems of abrasion.

Alumina ceramic wear resisntant tiles and bricks are made by isopressing and dry pressing. It posses high purity, good density, high hardness, low abrasion, corrosion resistance and no pollution by grinding material.

Used as the wear resistant lining in the wear resistant compound pipes, cyclone, crash, ball-milling and washing equipments. Could offer alumina ceramic tiles with different content and dimension from every customers.

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