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The knowledge about alumina wear-resistant tiles

Abrasion has always been a factor that influences the safety of the civilized production. With the development of science and technology and the continuous innovation of the materials,aluminium oxcide  ceramic in tube lining is one of the wear resistant materials which has been most widedy used in the world,featured good corrosion resistance and wearing extreme temperature,occupying 80% of the market share.


Ceramic aluminium oxcide wear-resistant tiles are both used with the method of isostatic pressing ,with accurate sizes and a complete range of specifications,boasting high purity and good density as well as the high hardness and good abrasion resistance.


It can resist  the shock of the materials going through the inner tube,which brings the impact of corrodion and thermal shock,lower the cost of continuous maintainance,increase  the service life of the equipment .Thus it is the first choice of the wear resistant material and shock resistance resistance material as well as corrosion resistant material in industry.


Used with specialized adhesive between ceramic and metal,it is widely used in textile,machinery,chemistry,paper making ,especially in the pulverizing process of large power station.It’s of great practical importance in the shell ,seperactor,outlet,of the coal washer against abrasion.

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