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wear-resistant tiles for cyclone

The cyclone wear-resistant ceramic tile is a special corundum ceramic made of AL2O3 as the main raw material and rare metal oxide as the flux, which is sintered at high temperature. Due to the high flow velocity of the cyclone, the wear is very serious. The 20mm and 25mm thick alumina wear-resistant ceramic liner produced by our company is used in the cyclone to improve the life of the cyclone. Because the cyclone cylinder is cylindrical and the lower part is the cone, so the wear-resistant ceramic lining tiles must be processed into arcs, sectors, and different head shapes, and different cyclones. The diameter is also different, so it is still difficult to prepare the alumina wear-resistant ceramic lining of the cyclone. Our company can provide more than 100 kinds of cyclone wear-resistant ceramic lining for customers.


Heavy-duty cyclone equipment and materials are badly worn and need to be adjusted or even replaced frequently, which seriously affects the quality and efficiency of beneficiation. Our company can design and manufacture various cyclone ceramic linings according to the general size and shape of the cyclone. The material is alumina wear-resistant ceramic or high wear-resistant composite ceramic material. Good wear resistance can ensure the swirl flow. The device works continuously and stably for a long time, the service life is 4-6 times that of ordinary polyurethane materials, and the cost performance is very high.


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