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How To Buy A Good Alumina Wear-resistant Ceramic Liner?

Sep. 13, 2018

There are many manufacturers of alumina Wear-resistant Ceramic Liner. How can customers choose good alumina wear-resistant ceramic liners among many manufacturers? Based on the experience accumulated over a long period of time, China Chemical Fillers Supplier has popularized the effective method for testing alumina wear-resistant ceramic liners:

One: Look carefully. That is, the surface details of the ceramic lining are observed with the naked eye. The high-quality alumina wear-resistant ceramic lining has a uniform color, smooth surface and no roughness, and no black spots. In addition, the welding wear-resistant ceramic lining plate fittings need to be matched with the inner hole of the lining plate, leaving no gap, and the quality should not be too light, and the minimum weight is generally not less than 5 grams.

Two: measurement tolerances. The vernier caliper can be used to measure the length, width and height of the wear-resistant ceramic lining, but the shrinkage characteristics of the ceramic should also be taken into account when measuring, and there will be certain tolerances.

Three: Calculate the density. The content of alumina can be measured by density. It is recommended to use the drainage method to accurately measure the density of alumina wear-resistant ceramic liner.

Four: wear test. The commonly used detection method is to use a sand blasting machine at a pressure of 4.0 kg/cm3, a distance of 50 mm, a spray angle of 45 degrees, and a time of 60 minutes, after which the degree of wear is measured.

Five: hardness test. The hardness of the liner can be tested in accordance with the method specified in GB/T16534.

Wear-resistant Ceramic Liner

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