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What Is The Construction Technology Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Coatings?

Jan. 30, 2019

Here is  China Chemical Fillers Supplier talking about the technology of wear-resistant ceramic coatings. 

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Wear-resistant ceramic coating construction process:

1. Surface pretreatment: dismiss the ash. Polish to eliminate rust.

2. Welded tortoiseshell net: Two or more weld points of four grids (one solder joint of 10 cm horizontally and vertically) are required.

3. Wipe the wear-resistant ceramic coating: stir the powder-like wear-resistant cloth and the glue evenly, then fill it at the welded tortoise mesh to make certain that every mesh is full of wear-resistant materials. The surface of this milling coating ought to be flat and smooth, without clear unevenness without any leakage.

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