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Use Of Ceramic Balls

Jul. 05, 2018

High Temperature Resistant Packed Ceramic Balls are a kind of new Chemical Ceramic Fillers. Ceramic beads can be divided into reflective ceramic beads and ground ceramic beads for their purposes. Reflective ceramic beads, also known as all-weather high-brightness reflective beads, are used for their excellent rainy night reflective performance. Road markings.

According to the use and manufacturing process of ceramic beads, it can be divided into: craft ceramic beads, jewelry ceramic beads, functional ceramic beads

1, craft ceramic beads

Ceramic beads are ceramic beads for handicrafts. The firing temperature is higher than that of the jewelry ceramic beads. It is lower than the functional ceramic beads. It is between the two. It refers to many crafts, connectors, ceramic machinery and ceramic grinding beads.

2, jewelry ceramic beads

Ceramic beads are the unique ceramic jewelry ceramic beads in Jingdezhen. The main purpose is DIY ceramic jewelry, such as ceramic jewelry bracelets, sweater chains, earrings, etc., which plays a big role in the DIY field, which is different from acrylic beads and glass beads. , beads such as wood beads, ceramic beads unique acid and alkali corrosion resistance, it also has high hardness, because it is high temperature firing through the traditional porcelain manufacturing process in Jingdezhen.

3, functional ceramic beads

Ceramic beads are some high-tech industrial use beads. The main materials are zirconia, titanium oxide and other abrasive, titanium steel and other industrial applications.

High Temperature Resistant Packed Ceramic Balls

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