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How Much Is The Effect Of Alumina On Ceramics?

Jul. 11, 2018

Alumina is the reason why metal aluminum is not easily corroded in the air. Pure metal aluminum reacts easily with oxygen in the air to form a dense aluminum oxide film covering the aluminum surface exposed to air. This aluminum oxide film prevents aluminum from being oxidized and is also used to protect Chemical Ceramic Fillers in ceramics. Role, what role do we have to know:

 Alumina is divided into calcined alumina and ordinary industrial alumina. Calcined alumina is an essential raw material for producing antique bricks, while industrial alumina can be used to produce microcrystalline stone. In traditional glaze, alumina is often used for whitening. Since antique bricks and microcrystalline stone have been favored by the market, its dosage is also increasing year by year. Therefore, alumina has emerged in the ceramic industry. Ceramics are ceramics with Al2O3 as the main raw material and corundum as the main crystalline phase. material such as Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Tile.

Because of its high mechanical strength, high hardness, low frequency dielectric loss, high temperature insulation resistance, chemical resistance and thermal conductivity, and other excellent comprehensive technical performance.

In China, there are abundant bauxite resources, which are also very widely used in our country. Now the scale and high level of development will be more widely used in life, and will continue to study, making alumina a life. A kind of chemical that is indispensable for more users to feel its effect. High-temperature alumina is needed for coloring when it is manufactured. Then we need to understand the coloring method.

Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Tile

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