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Special Ceramic Materials Are Used In Automobiles (2)

Feb. 28, 2019

As a Wear-resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube Manufacturer, So let's continue what we did last time.

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Third, the application of ceramics in automotive brakes

A carbon fiber brake disk is initially made up of carbon fiber and resin. The surface hardness of this carbon-silicon chemical of this ceramic brake is near that of pearl, disk. The carbon fiber construction makes it powerful, impact resistant and rust resistant, which makes the disk extremely wear resistant. At the moment, such technology isn't just utilized in F1 racing cars, but also in civil sports cars, like the Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG.

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Fourth, the application of ceramics in automobile shock absorbers

The damping apparatus of this high tech car is an intelligent damper that's been successfully developed using the optimistic synergistic impact, the reverse piezoelectric effect and the electrostrictive effect of yarn that is sensitive. As a result of this high-sensitivity ceramic elements, this damper has the use of comprehending the street and self-adjusting, which may minimize the vibration due to the rough surface.

Fifth, Application of ceramic materials in automotive spraying technology

In the last several decades, ceramic film coating technologies, which is commonly utilized in aerospace engineering, has started to be implemented to cars. The benefits of the technology are great heat insulation, higher temperature, and higher pressure, older technology and steady quality. To be able to attain the objective of low heat dissipation, the motor combustion chamber components could be ceramically coated, for example, zirconia sprayed towards the cover of the piston and zirconia sprayed onto the cylinder liner. The motor handled in this manner can reduce heat loss, decrease the grade of the motor itself, decrease the motor size, and decrease fuel consumption.

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