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Are dry and wet grinding the same requirements for high aluminum balls?

Sep. 21, 2018

Ball milling is divided into dry grinding and wet grinding. Wet grinding is the most commonly used method, with high efficiency and uniform grinding of particles. Dry grinding does not require the addition of water during processing and requires that the material be dry. Proper grinding methods help to better grind the material and control the input costs to a reasonable extent.

That is to say, how to choose high alumina balls in ball mill wet grinding and dry grinding? What are the requirements for the two types of grinding methods for high alumina balls?

Ball mill dry grinding requires very high-quality aluminum balls. In the case of the same alumina content, the quality criteria are generally wearing and density. In terms of wear, wet grinding has a liquid medium to be added, which is not very demanding compared to dry grinding, and an ordinary wear of about one ten-thousandth is enough for the application. However, the dry grinding requires a high abrasion rate for the high-aluminum ball. Generally, the wear is required to be about 0.4-0.8% of the density; in terms of density, the density of most of the balls is now 3.60, which is no problem for wet grinding. The dry grinding has less water cushioning and the impact on the ball is very large. So the probability of breaking the ball is very large. Now Zibo wins the high-alloy ball with a density of 3.68, which is very suitable for dry grinding. Although the density is only increased by 0.08, it has a lot of impact resistance and wears resistance. Many customers have evaluated our products very well after purchase!

In addition, small-sized high-aluminum balls are available in both roll-forming and machine-molded. The impact-resistant balls have better impact resistance, but the price is slightly higher than the roll-making type, which can be produced according to their own production. The situation is adjusted.

Are dry and wet grinding the same requirements for high aluminum balls?

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